The Symbolism of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

- Everything is Connected -

Find your roots and stay connected to your true nature with the immortal Tree of Life! With its roots reaching deep into the earth and its branches reaching towards the heavens, the tree is a symbol of positive energy, strength, and the idea that all life on earth is connected. May the Tree of Life be a reminder to trust your path and listen to your soul wherever your journey takes you!

Everything is Connected

Dating back to ancient times, the many-branched tree is a symbol present in nearly every culture and religion. No matter your faith or beliefs, the Tree of Life represents an abundantly branched tree that illustrates the concept that there is a mystic connection shared by all lifeforms on earth. An energy, or universal life force, is constantly running within and between all living things. The interconnected nature of the Tree of Life means that you are not an island but always connected to the world around you.

Reach for the Heavens

The Tree of Life is an inspirational symbol: something can be rooted deep in the earth while also reaching towards the heavens, always striving for growth. The Tree of Life is also a reminder of the cycle of life, the generations who came before us and the ones who will come after us. May the tree be a talisman, bringing you wisdom, protection, strength, positive energy, good health, and a bright future!

From tapestries and posters to bags and jewelry, we have so many styles to choose from! Find your favorite and tune into the ever-connected energy of the world!




SHOP NOWThe Tree of Life has its roots deep in the ground while its branches strive towards the heavens. It is a reminder of the interconnected nature of everything on earth and the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth which we all experience together. Made from recycled materials, this metal wind chime features a gorgeous and strong Tree of Life centerpiece with five dangling bells which ring peacefully in the wind.

Recycled Tree of Life Wind Chime
HippieShop, $14.95
SHOP NOWLet these spirits guide your journey toward enlightenment! This gorgeous bracelet features four strands of natural-hued vegan suede wrapped together beautifully with five silver spirit charms: a Ganesh, an elephant, the Tree of Life, the Buddha, and a Hamsa. Adjusts to fit your wrist perfectly with a lobster clasp closure.

Spiritual Enlightenment Charm Bracelet
HippieShop, $11.95
SHOP NOWThe far-reaching branches and deep roots of the Tree of Life symbolizes the ever-present connection between all life on earth. Stay rooted to your true nature with this delicate cord bracelet featuring a copper and silver tone metal medallion with an intricate knotted Tree of Life design. Fit to your wrist perfectly by pulling the strings to adjust the length.

Tree of Life Copper Pull Bracelet
HippieShop, $11.99
SHOP NOWThe "tree of life" represents not only the idea of something rooted to the ground yet striving towards the heavens, but the life-cycle of the tree itself is a reminder of the endless cycle of regeneration; life, death, and rebirth. Our Tree of Life Shoulder bag is 100% cotton and features a small Velcro pocket on the strap, a large zippered main pocket with wooden button closure, and a zippered inner pocket. The strap is long enough to wear on either your shoulder or cross-body and falls perfectly at the hip.

Tree of Life Shoulder Bag
HippieShop, $19.99
SHOP NOWThe many intertwined branches of the tree of life are present in the folklore of many world cultures and religions as a symbol of the mystic connection shared by all lifeforms on earth. This natural colored t shirt features a beautifully illustrated composition of the Tree of Life, growing its roots into a peace sign.

Tree of Life Peace T Shirt
HippieShop, $14.99-$17.99
SHOP NOWThe tree of life is concept that has been used in science, religion, philosophy, mythology and many other areas. The basic beliefs are that a many-branched tree illustrates the idea that all life on earth is connected. This unique hand dyed tapestry can be used as a wall hanging or bed sheet for a full sized bed.

Tree of Life Floral Tapestry
HippieShop, $24.99
SHOP NOWThe natural beauty of trees and colorful stones blend to create these delicate earrings. A gently wired tree set in a round silver hoop, that include a rainbow of dyed agate stones in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They are not only stunning but also lightweight for comfortable wear.

Tree of Life Agate Stone Earrings
HippieShop, $14.99


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