About Us



The Journey of Hippie Shop

Hippie Shop embarked on an incredible journey in the 1990s, starting as a vibrant vendor at music festivals. With an innovative spirit, the brand opened its first retail outlets in Northern New Jersey, and soon after, in 1997, pioneered the e-commerce world by launching the first-ever online Hippie Shop. Today, they continue to shape trends, delivering top-notch clothing & accessories inspired by freedom, creativity, and the love for music.

The Birth of a Legacy
Christine & Anthony turned their passion for music into a thriving business in 1995 when they opened their first shop in Kearny, New Jersey. They filled their store with joy, memories, and everything that embodied the spirit of concerts and festivals, rapidly gaining popularity.

Community & Connection
Hippie Shop wasn't just a store; it became a community hub. In the late 90s, their charity event, The Grateful Gathering Picnic, transformed from a friendly get-together into a grand celebration with over 700 attendees. Their passion for music brought people together, creating unforgettable experiences.

Pioneering the Online Frontier
Anthony's visionary approach led to the groundbreaking HippieShop.com in 1997. They navigated the unknown world of e-commerce with determination and became a symbol of innovation, paving the way for a new era of shopping.

Expanding the Dream
From operating out of a garage to the International e-commerce operation that it is today.  Hippie Shop flourished through trial and error, always embracing challenges. Their story is a tale of resilience, creativity, and growth.

Passion Projects
Anthony & Christine's love for classic cars and music birthed charity car shows and iconic events like The Gathering for Peace. Their collaboration with the band Phish and contributions to various charities reflect their strong sense of community and creativity.

A Global Sensation
Hippie Shop's products have graced TV shows, movies, and magazine pages worldwide, earning them global recognition.

Commitment to Sustainability
In 2013, they shifted to a 100% Solar Powered headquarters in Randolph, NJ. Hippie Shop's commitment to environmental responsibility and efficiency continues to set them apart.

Living the Dream Today
Providing quality products at unbeatable prices, Hippie Shop proudly collaborates with small American, Co-op, and Fair-Trade businesses. Their recycling initiatives and charitable donations reflect their core values.

Hippie Shop is more than a business; it's a movement, a way of life. They celebrate life, music, and good times, ensuring happiness for their customers and having a blast along the way. Join them in their extraordinary journey, and be part of the Hippie Shop tribe today!