The Tribe

Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween
Still deciding what to be for Halloween? Dress as a hippie and spread some spooky good vibes! Need some inspiration? Keep reading for our guide to assembling your own far-out fashion to trick or treat in this Halloween!
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Jonesing for Bell Bottom Jeans: The History of How Far-Out Flares Got So Groovy
No hippie chick’s wardrobe is complete without a super cool pair of bell-bottoms, but did you know that this major hippie style had its start way before the ‘60s? Curious about how this groovy garment came to be? Keep reading and we’ll lay it on ya!
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How to Wear a Hippie Bandana
From a headband to a bracelet to a collar for your dog, bandanas are a versatile and timeless staple of every hippie’s wardrobe. Let us take you through our 10 cool ways to rock a bandana and find some inspiration to create your own endless style opportunities!
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