Have a Hippie Halloween!

Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween

- DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween -

Still deciding what to be for Halloween? Dress as a hippie and spread some spooky good vibes!   

Need some inspiration?  Keep reading for our guide to assembling your own far-out fashion to Trick or Treat in this Halloween!

The best part about dressing up as a hippie for Halloween is that creating the most authentic look is all about mixing and matching pieces that speak to YOU! Avoid the fast fashion and poorly made costumes from the Halloween chain stores by constructing your own costume from our range of products, many of which are handcrafted and made from sustainable resources!

Whether you want to be a Funky Flower Child, a Psychedelic Stoner, a Patchwork Peace-Lover or a Woodstock Rocker, we’ve got the perfect clothing and accessories to create the coolest hippie costume!


Let's Start from the Top

Whether you’re a hippie chick or dude, the key to creating an awesome and authentic hippie ensemble is to layer some funky threads!  Here are some ideas for tops:

  • Tie Dye T- Shirt : If you’re looking for something that screams hippie, tie dye certainly does the trick!
  • Vest : Bring some vintage vibes to your outfit by layering on a colorful woven vest or a funky fringe vest!
  • Dashiki : This west African-inspired shirt was wildly popular with free spirits of the ‘60s!
  • Crochet Top or Boho Blouse : Channel your inner flower child with a cute crochet top or beautifully bohemian flowy blouse!

    Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween

    Righteous Bottoms

    On to the bottoms!

    Guys: You can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of pants! Handcrafted tie dye, cool and colorful woven, or super sustainable hemp, whatever you choose- wear them in good vibes!

    Girls: Here are a few choices to channel your inner flower child:

    • Flares : No hippie chick’s wardrobe is complete without a super groovy pair of bell bottom jeans or flare leg pants!
    • Patchwork : This super cute and sustainable trend saw huge popularity in the handicraft-loving hippies!  Reach for a flowy patchwork skirt, or a funky pair of flared patchwork pants!

      Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween

      Funky Footwear

      Required footwear for hippies? Either barefoot or Buffalo Sandals!

      Walk a day in these authentic handcrafted hippie sandals and you will feel as though you have stepped back into the Summer of Love.

      Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween


      Hippie Headwear

      Give your hippie ensemble a head above the rest with some awesome headwear!

      • Bandana :  A bandana is a hippie’s best friend!  Wrap it around your head, your wrist, or so much more!
      • Floppy Leather Hat : Join the ranks of hippie legends like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and John Lennon with a classic vintage style floppy hat!
      • Corduroy Cap : Our caps made from recycled corduroy would make any earth-loving hippie proud!
      • Honeycomb : Keep your lovely locks out of your face with a handcrafted hemp honeycomb hat!
      • Headband : From a flower crown to a psychedelic tie dye headband, a hippie headband could take your outfit to the next level!

        Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween


          Psychedelic Accessories

          If you really want to put your hippie costume over the top, you NEED accessories! 

          • Sunglasses : Channel your favorite Beatle with an awesome pair of round Lennon style sunglasses!
          • Bag : Strap on a fanny pack, or throw a cute boho bag over your shoulder!
          • Peace Signs : Show you’re a proponent of peace, just like the flower children of the ‘60s, with a couple of peace signs, like a peace sign necklace or earrings!
          • Mood Ring : If you're in the mood for something straight out of the 70's then this is the perfect accessory!
          • Jewelry : Put your outfit over the top with lots of jewelry!  Throw on a funky pair of earrings, fill your fingers with rings, or even add a bunch of bracelets or a cool tie dye scrunchie to your wrist.  Go crazy and create your own free-spirited stacks!


          Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween


          Still looking for some inspiration?

          Check out our outfit picks for the ultimate costume below!

          Have a Hippie Halloween – DIY Hippie Costumes for a Super Psychedelic Halloween


          Start creating your own hippie costume and have a super psychedelic Halloween!



          - Shop the Story -

          SHOP NOWAll tie dyes are not created equal. That's why we teamed up with a talented group of artists to bring you the highest quality dyes and most psychedelic designs in the land. Hand tied and dyed right here in the USA using fiber reactive dyes. these colors are sure to stay vibrant long after the encore is over. Perfect for a concert, festival... or pretending it's still the summer of 69'.

          Redwood Peace Tie Dye T Shirt
          HippieShop, $19.95 - $23.95
          SHOP NOWWalk a day in these authentic Hand-Crafted Hippie Sandals and you will feel as though you have stepped back into the Summer of Love. Also known as Jesus Sandals, in India they're called Kolhapuri chappals and have been worn as early as the 13th century. Later they were made famous in America during the hippie generation of the 1960's and 1970's and are still very popular today for a great reason.

          Water Buffalo Sandals
          HippieShop, $24.99
          SHOP NOWThe ultimate vest for any hippie! 100% genuine soft suede leather makes this attractive vest comfortable and hip. Long fringe with feathers and beaded accents decorate the front, back and along the bottom. The front can be tied closed and the inside has a rayon lining.

          Hippie Leather Fringe Vest
          HippieShop, $49.99 - $59.99
          SHOP NOWFall under the spell of this psychedelic tie-dyed fanny pack! This classic belted concert bag features two zippered pockets on the front, one secret zipped pocket on the back, and an adjustable strap with a buckle to fit your waist. As tie-dye is an art, no two are the same. Each handcrafted bag is a one of a kind piece of art we hope will surprise and delight you!

          Spellbound Tie Dye Fanny Pack
          HippieShop, $19.95
          SHOP NOWNow this is what WE call “high” fashion! Handcrafted in Nepal out of one of our favorite natural resources, these relaxed fit, straight-leg style woven pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist, elastic along back, spacious pockets at each hip, and one back pocket. They’re so neutral they’ll go with anything and so comfy you won’t want to take them off. Throw them on with a tie dye or a Henley and take your style to new heights!

          Himalayan High Woven Hemp Pants
          HippieShop, $39.95
          SHOP NOWWe have the perfect bracelet that is so easy to wear you'll never want to take it off. This bracelet features two strips of solid leather and two strips of braided leather and is fully adjustable with its slit knot tie.

          Nomad Leather Bracelet
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          SHOP NOWSpread some peace with this embroidered corduroy patchwork floppy hat. With its extra wide brim and soft cushioning inside you'll look just as good as you feel. See if you can spot the secret hiding spot concealed inner pocket

          Corduroy Patchwork Peace Floppy Hat
          HippieShop, $19.95
          SHOP NOWStop and smell the flowers in this summer ready crochet top! Featuring ties at the neck and back for a perfect fit, handcrafted crochet flowers, and a funky fringe at the bottom, this cropped halter top looks gorgeous with any ensemble.

          Flower Fringe Crochet Cropped Halter Top
          HippieShop, $9.99
          SHOP NOWStep out into the desert sun in style with our Southwestern Spirit Fringe Woven Bead Earrings. Handmade in India, the neutral cream, copper, and gray tones of the patterned glass bead fringe reflect the natural grace of the southwestern landscape. Perfect for adding some vintage flair to your look, you bohemian beauty!

          Southwestern Spirit Fringe Woven Bead Earrings
          HippieShop, $12.99
          SHOP NOWNo need to keep searching vintage stores for the perfect suede hat, we've recreated the hippie hat of your dreams! Inspired by the original patchwork floppy hats worn in the 60's, our hand crafted 100% suede leather hat with a brass stud and braided accent band is made for comfort and durability. It's timeless style is great for any occasion or even blocking the rays at an outdoor concert or festival.

          Suede Leather Patchwork Floppy Hat
          HippieShop, $29.95
          SHOP NOWNo hippie chick's wardrobe is complete without a super groovy pair of bell bottoms and believe us, when you try these beauties on you'll see why we think we've found the perfect ones! These super comfy light wash mid-rise jeans feature wide flare leg bottoms, front and back pockets, and just the right amount of stretch that they feel like a second skin. Slip them on and pair with a flowy boho blouse or a cute crop top and you'll want to groove the whole day and night away!

          Groovy Bell Bottom Jeans
          HippieShop, $49.95
          SHOP NOWA homage to classic hippie gear, this groovy bag features a braided peace sign on the front flap, a zippered main pocket, fringe accents and a long shoulder strap which allows you to wear it across your body. Made from 100% genuine suede, this Hippie Shop Original design is a timeless accessory you are sure to love for a long time.

          Peace Fringe Leather Shoulder Bag
          HippieShop, $34.95
          SHOP NOWThis simple and gorgeous bracelet featuring Howlite stone beads and adjustable ties is the perfect piece for stacking with your favorite bracelets for a beautifully bohemian style. The stones are said to help when you need to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress, so you’ll be feeling as good as you look!

          Howlite Bead Macrame Bracelet
          HippieShop, $5.99

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