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Once simply a sustainable way to use up left-over fabric scraps, the Patchwork style took the hippie fashion scene by storm and the trend still holds a special place in our hearts today! 

History of Patchwork 

While the original use of the patchwork style was honestly economical, the trend gained popularity in the 60’s with the free-spirited and individuality-loving hippie culture. This period saw a rise in traditional handicrafts as well as a fascination with fashion trends from cultures around the world. Patchwork checked both of those boxes.

As a technique, patchwork is easy to do yourself and is a great way to add your own personal touch to any outfit. Also, hippies embraced the beautiful bohemian prints which made up patchwork clothing because they brought some of the interest and intrigue of India and South Asian cultures into their wardrobe.

Uniquely You

Us hippies aren’t about fading into the background. We love to celebrate what makes us the rare, beautiful (some might say bizarre) souls we are! The patchwork trend is the perfect illustration of the unique spirit which hippies try to embody because each and every patchwork item is one of a kind. Handcrafted from many different sections of vibrant prints and patterns, pieces in the patchwork hippie trend are a ‘more the merrier’ approach to fashion we hope never goes out of style!


From skirts and blouses to handbags and hats, the patchwork trend is in full swing here at the Hippie Shop! If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece of art as unique as you, then patchwork is perfect!


SHOP NOWLet your beauty bloom in our Desert Rose Patchwork Button Down Dress! This gorgeous boho button-down dress features a slight slit up the front, adjustable straps, pockets, elastic along the back of the bodice, and a cute keyhole that shows just the right amount of skin. Handcrafted in India in the vintage patchwork style, this dress combines a range of beautifully bohemian print pieces together to form a one of a kind work of art as unique as the flower child wearing it!

Desert Rose Patchwork Button Down Dress
HippieShop, $39.95
SHOP NOWWe all need that casual and comfortable top you can just throw on. Our Shiva Patchwork Peasant Blouse is just what you are a looking for. Handmade in India from 100% cotton, this long sleeve, kurta style blouse features an assortment of square shaped fabrics that have been sewn together to form the final unique piece. With ties in both the front and back, you can customize it to your liking.

Shiva Patchwork Peasant Blouse
HippieShop, $29.95
SHOP NOWYou’re going to love the way this flowing skirt feels, it is made from vertical cotton panels of lively and vibrant prints and colors. The elastic waist with a beaded drawstring allows for a comfortable fit on everyone. Patchwork clothing is made from many different sections of fabrics that are sewn together to form the final unique piece. Each item is a one of a kind piece of art we hope will surprise and delight you!

Garden Party Skirt
HippieShop, $29.99
SHOP NOWNo need to keep searching vintage stores for the perfect floppy hat! We found this amazing hat which combines a classic 60's hippie vibe with a unique patchwork design. These one of a kind hats are hand crafted from 100% suede leather and are stylish and durable, but also soft and comfy to wear. You're going to love it so much you'll never want to take it off!

Patchwork Leather Floppy Hat
HippieShop, $29.95
SHOP NOWThis beautifully boho shoulder bag is seriously fit for a flower child! There is no shortage of storage in this lightweight bag which features a spacious interior with a button and loop closure, one pocket inside, one buttoned pocket on the front of the outside, and another pocket on the side of the bag.The patchwork style that hippies loved in the 60’s lives on in this bag which combines many different sections of fabrics that are sewn together to form the final unique piece. Each item is a one of a kind piece of art we hope will surprise and delight you!

Flower Child Boho Patchwork Shoulder Bag
HippieShop, $24.99
SHOP NOWWhen you are out walking through the lot, what better way to keep the sun out of your eyes than with this classic Floral Patchwork Corduroy Cap. This cap features an adjustable Velcro strap in the back and a super secret zippered stash pocket! Each hat is handmade in Guatemala using recycled floral print fabrics, ensuring that no two are exactly a like and the item you are wearing is as unique as you!

Floral Patchwork Corduroy Cap
HippieShop, $19.99
SHOP NOWPerfectly patchy for the peaceful yogi, this stylish and functional bag designed to carry all of your yoga essentials means that your practice has no limits! Get the authentic hippie vibe with this free spirited patchwork design, featuring an array of gorgeous and vibrant prints. The bag has a comfortable adjustable strap, zipper closure, one pocket inside and another outside to keep all your essentials safe and organized wherever the wind takes you!

Peacefully Patchwork Yoga Mat Bag
HippieShop, $19.99


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