Make Your Life One Big Music Festival

Make Your Life One Big Music Festival

- Live your Best Life through Music,

Yoga, & Positive Energy! -

Here at the Hippie Shop, a few things we just can’t get enough of are live music, yoga, and positive energy! Last week, we had the pleasure of having a like-minded free spirit who is also passionate about those three things at our HQ for a truly peaceful photo shoot and conversation about life. Taraleigh is a live music lover, yogi, Phishhead, and author of her own book and website titled “How to Rock Your Life!” Let us introduce you to this sincerely positive spirit, practice some centering yoga, and discuss how to make your life one big music festival!

Make Your Life One Big Music Festival

Feel the Vibrations

It is no secret that music has an intangible quality which makes us feel something when we hear it. This is even more true when it comes to live music. When you find a band that you ‘vibe’ with there is nothing better than getting to hear them live and feeling the sound vibrate through you, lift you up, and make you happy! All sounds have vibrations and all humans have this vibrational energy too. When a certain music’s vibrations match your own, there is something truly magical which happens: these good vibes lift you up and fill you with positive energy!

Like many lovers of live music, Taraleigh found solace at a music festival. When she first heard Phish, she felt that intrinsic connection to their vibration. As she put it, they “spoke her language”. She felt transformed by the harmonizing sound and accepting community she found there and wanted to hold on to that feeling of connection and bliss in her normal everyday life once the festival was over. It was that feeling that kept her coming back to festivals and, in turn, sparked her passion for yoga!


Yogi? Who Me?

 Yogi? Who Me?

Have you ever seen an experienced yogi in a seemingly impossible position (much like Taraleigh above) and thought to yourself: “there is no way I could do yoga!” Well let us tell you, you are not alone! It can be pretty intimidating walking into a yoga class when half the class is hanging upside down and the other half looks like they walked off the cover of a health magazine. But, in its truest form, yoga has nothing to do with how great you look in your gym clothes or how bendy you are, it is about helping you get in touch with your essential nature. Pointing you towards the light and helping you remember that everything you need (compassion, kindness, acceptance) is already within you.

Yogi? Who Me?

As Taraleigh pointed out, yoga can be for everyone. It is all about finding the right class for you. While Taraleigh looks like a professional as she masterfully holds her body in her forearm balance, she only had her first class a few years ago at Jazz Fest! But, as she explained to us, everyone is a yogi before they are even born.

You’re probably thinking yogi? Who me? Yes, even you! Taraleigh begins her classes with a pose we all did before we entered the world: seed pose. This fetal position pose that anyone can do reminds us that yoga truly can be for anyone. Other ways Taraleigh makes her classes about fun is having her yogis loosen up by spelling their names with their bottoms while in downward dog or having a goddess pose dance party! Whether you are just looking to find your center and peace within or you want to work your way up to Taraleigh’s awesome inversions, remember that it is never too late to start!

Make Your Life One Big Music Festival

Radiate Positivity

It was such a pleasure to have Taraleigh in our studio. Not only does she look great in our clothes and radiate positivity, she is also sincerely in tune with her true self which was inspiring to see. If you focus on what makes you happy, keep moving to the music, stay in touch with your center, and remember that you are enough, life can be one big music festival!

Make Your Life One Big Music Festival

For more information about how to ‘rock your life’ like Taraleigh, check out her website and to find all the pieces we featured in this photoshoot, shop our story below!



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Ready to live your best life? Explore what inspires you and start making your life one big music festival!




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