The Tribe

Woodstock: 50 Years of Peace, Love, & Music
Fifty years ago, thousands of like-minded souls gathered for a celebration of peace, love, and music. Though the tie-dye, bell bottom, and fringe-clad free-spirits may not have known it as they were stepping off their VW buses onto the concert grounds, they were about to take part in a festival that will live on forever!
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Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia
Throw your favorite Dead shirt on and dance to Stella Blue, because it’s our friend of the devil, Jerry Garcia’s birthday today! Born on August 1st, 1942 in San Francisco, Jerome John Garcia would be celebrating his 77th birthday.
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Unlocking Moments in Music History - Hippie Shop

Hippie Shop was created from our love of music, so it's only natural that we're on the lookout for the coolest gear from our favorite artists. Every product we find is like a key to music history, with its own past to unlock. Let us take you through a few powerful moments in music history on a quick tour of our newest collection of posters!

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