How to Wear Ear Cuffs to Match Your Hippie Style

How to Wear Ear Cuffs to Match Your Hippie Style

How to Wear Ear Cuffs to Match Your Hippie Style

Ear Cuffs Throughout History

Ear cuffs! What a wonderful way to add to your hippie style without enduring any pain. You have probably seen them on celebrities and models, but did you know these cleaver ear pieces date back to ancient Greece? The bohemian men and women of Greece would wear ear cuffs as a symbol of social standing and to look impressive without damaging or stretching their earlobes. Through time, ear cuffs grew in popularity in India for similar reasons, but they were renamed by locals as kaan phools, meaning “ear flowers.” 
Ear cuffs took a break in popularity until the mid 1900’s when hippies adopted the cuffs as their own staple of resemblance to counter culture. They were reborn as a sign of insurrection against social norms, rather than as a symbol of ancient taboos of social status and family wealth. Punk rock bands and counterculture celebrities took on wearing ear cuffs to implicitly show their support for hippie-energized peaceful protest. Ear cuffs went on into the 1980s and 1990s as a sign of alternative and grunge culture. 


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Adding Ear Cuffs to Your Look
Ear cuffs have recently grown in popularity for flower children due to their versatility of style and low level of commitment. They can be used to dress up any patterned style, as well as to add some flair to a modest look. Since ear cuffs are not like permanent piercings, you can change up their style in any way you would like to represent your unique personality

Here are a Few Ideas to Upgrade Your Hippie Style with Ear Cuffs:

  • Using multiple ear cuffs, one on each ear, but placing one higher on one ear than the other can dress up and add a flattering pattern to any vibrant tie dye.
  • Add a cute touch of sterling silver, like our Bunch O’ Flowers or our Hearts Sterling Silver Ear Cuff, to the space right between your upper lobe and lower cartledge to add texture to your ear on a patterned clothing, like patchwork or paisley.
  • Add our Triple Band Sterling Silver Ear Cuff to your forward helix to give a dash of edge to a singular colored or simple outfit.
  • Want to go bold? Wear our larger Let It Grow Sterling Silver Ear Cuff to a more dramatic event, like a wedding, to intensify sophisticated attire.
  • Pairing a simple ear cuff on the upper helix with lobe piercings is always a great way to add a statement piece to already pierced ears.
  • Add multiple ear cuffs to one ear to give a rebellious edge to any look.
  • Clustering two to three thin complimentary ear cuffs on one ear is the perfect way to upgrade an already pierced ear - creating a playful, festival ready look.

Hippies love ear cuffs because they are not bound to rules, so the possibilities are endless. Show the world your unique hippie style!  



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