How to Create Your Own Hippie Haven

How to Create Your Own Hippie Haven

- 6 Simple DIY Décor Ideas for Free Spirits, Music Lovers, & Trippy Tokers -

Is your décor looking a bit drab? Whether your abode needs a bit of an update, you’re moving into a new place, or you’re decorating your dorm, create your own hippie haven with these simple steps!

1. Choose Your Vibe

It’s no secret that the space you spend time in can have huge effects on your mood, outlook, and psyche. Creating the right vibe, a place where you feel like you can be your true self, is so important. But it doesn’t have to be super hard!

Whether you are a flower child, deadhead, stoner, or somewhere in between, designing your vibe is all about finding pieces that speak to you. So, build yourself a boho beauty’s dream bedroom, transform your pad with psychedelic touches, or make your room a shrine to your music memorabilia.  No matter what atmosphere you’re going for, we’ve got the coolest stuff to help you create your own hippie haven!

2. Cover Those Walls

One easy way to add some style to a room is to cover up blank walls! Throw up a few tapestries, pin up posters and signs, or even fly a flag. And you don’t have to stop at the walls- pin a tapestry to your ceiling to take the tranquil tone of the room to the next level!

Let your creativity go crazy and create an eclectic vibe by mixing your colors, textures, fabrics, materials and even your passions. Your room is a reflection of you, so it should be just as unique as your one-of-a-kind soul! 

3. Set the Mood

As we said from the start, creating the right vibe in your room is crucial. Set the mood in your space with chill lighting and relaxing fragrances! To light up your space, add some color with fun string lights, or a handcrafted touch with our Lokta paper lanterns. Further improve the atmosphere of the room with the aroma of your favorite incense! Find serenity with sandalwood smoke or purify your space with healing white sage. Find the scents which speak to you and let the smoke heal your mind, soul, and space. (And don't forget the burner!)

If you would like some more history of incense and a guide to what scents provide what experience, check out our post on Positive Vibes and Relaxing Aromas!

4. Make Room for Reflection

Create a cozy place where you can meditate! Whether your kind of meditation is listening to music, doing yoga, reading, or creating art, reserve a special corner of your room for this activity. Simply having a dedicated area for relaxing in your space, ready whenever you might need a moment of clarity, could help you get through those hectic times of the day!

5. Turn Up the Music

Any music lover’s quarters need an area dedicated to their favorite artists and festivals!  Show respect for your records and all your beloved band memorabilia by giving them the attention they deserve.  Create a shrine to the live shows you won’t ever forget by displaying your ticket stubs or other collectibles on your walls or keep them safe in an awesome vintage style metal lunch box.  Either way, seeing those memories will keep that indescribable feeling you get at festivals alive every day!

6. Surround Yourself with Stuff You Love

Fill your walls, tables, and shelves with little tchotchkes you love! Add a serene touch with a Buddha statue or a bit of playfulness with a cool handcrafted instrument. Explore our fun stuff, find what brings a smile to your face, and let your imagination go wild! The more tiny personal touches you add, the more the space goes from kinda cool to uniquely you.  

Inspired yet? Explore our Home + Art collection and start creating your own personal hippie paradise!

- Shop the Story -

SHOP NOWDelight in the ornate scene of flora and fauna adorning this earthy handcrafted tapestry! Take this 100% cotton handcrafted tapestry with you to the beach, your next concert or festival, or hang it at your pad using the attached corner loops: the only limits are your imagination!

Tree of Life Tapestry
HippieShop, $19.95
SHOP NOWLearn from the Buddha's infinite wisdom and let that s#*! go! Perfect for hanging anywhere you might need a little tranquility. Whenever you think you're about to explode, imagine you are in this peaceful meadow, take a deep breath and let that s#*! go!

Let That Shit Go Buddha Poster
HippieShop, $7.99
SHOP NOWOur classic Striped Falsa Mexican Blankets are woven with eco-yarns, which are environmentally friendly recycled fibers. These versatile blankets are ideal to take to a lawn show, festival, the beach, picnic or just to snuggled up on your couch. As pictured, each handcrafted blanket is a one of a kind piece of art we hope will surprise and delight you!

Striped Falsa Blanket
HippieShop, $14.99
SHOP NOWAdd some psychedelic style to your space with this tapestry featuring a large mushroom in a circle with the words 'Have A Nice Trip' wrapping around the bottom.

Have A Nice Trip Tapestry
HippieShop, $19.99
SHOP NOWIf you are looking to focus your meditation practice or simply wishing to add peace and calm to your life, than this Tranquil Buddha Statue would make a great addition to your space. The image of a seated Buddha generally represents concentration and shows the eyes of Buddha as halfway closed, deep in meditation.

Tranquil Buddha Statue
HippieShop, $34.99
SHOP NOWStop and say hello to our full-size metal recreation of the Penny Lane street sign! The perfect addition to any Beatles fan’s collection, this sign features two holes on either side for easy hanging. “There beneath the blue suburban skies, Penny Lane!”

The Beatles Penny Lane Sign
HippieShop, $12.95
SHOP NOWGive your pad a vintage vibe with this tour poster for the band’s September ’66 shows at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. Features artwork drawn by Stanley “Mouse” Miller and Alton Kelley which became classic iconography for the band.

Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Poster
HippieShop, $7.99
SHOP NOWWave your USA Peace Flag wide and high! Display this awesome flag to show your patriotic pride and your desire for peace. Equipped with convenient holes for easy hanging, this is a great way to let your freak flag fly!

USA Peace Stars Flag
HippieShop, $9.99
SHOP NOWLove is all you need! Bring some of the peace and love of the 60's into your pad with this carved and painted wooden wall art plaque which was handmade in Nepal with, you guessed it... love! Featuring a mount and circular hook on the back, this piece is ready to hang in your hippie abode.

1960's Retro Love Hand Carved Wall Art
HippieShop, $19.99
SHOP NOWTransform your pad with this trippy and transcendent tapestry featuring a mandala design with serene blue and cheerful gold tones. Pop on the free 3D glasses and take this piece of art to another level as it transforms in front of your eyes.

Cosmos Mandala 3D Tapestry
HippieShop, $31.99
SHOP NOWGettin’ tired of sittin’ and starin’ at boring home décor? We’ve got just the thing for you! The perfect addition to any deadhead’s home, this handcrafted piece of art featuring the classic 13-point bolt has hooks on the back for easy installation. “Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings!”

Grateful Dead Bolt Wall Art
HippieShop, $19.95
SHOP NOWNo long strange trip is complete without the perfect backpack. This sling, teardrop style backpack was handcrafted in Nepal from a blend of cotton baja print accents and our favorite renewable resource, hemp!

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Hemp Sling Backpack
HippieShop, $39.95
SHOP NOWAn extraordinary flower, the lotus has long been revered by generations of Egyptians, Indians and Chinese for its ability to rise gracefully out of the murkiest of circumstances. It symbolizes the triumph of spirit over matter and is a metaphor for the journey to enlightenment.

Batik Lotus Flower Flags
HippieShop, $29.99


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