Hype for Hemp

Hype for Hemp - Why We're Passionate about this All-Purpose Plant

- Why We're Passionate about this All-Purpose Plant -

From clothing to beauty products to health supplements and beyond, there is an endless amount of practical uses and countless reasons to be crazy about the cannabis plant. Why are we so passionate about this all-purpose plant? Lay back, light up, (if you so choose) and let us explain our love for this extraordinary herb!

While the hype around hemp has been at an all-time high recently, (pun intended) humans have been using this mighty plant medicinally, practically, ritually, and recreationally for thousands of years.

Cannabis Smokin’ Cavemen & Hemp Harvesting Founding Fathers

There is a wealth of proof of humans using both the mind-altering marijuana and hallucinogenic-free hemp over the past millennia. Evidence of hemp fibers being used for rope, sail canvas, and clothing stretches back at least 4,000 years and plants with high levels of THC were found in small burners near inhalation tents and inside small fur-lined pouches at burial sites. Imagine summoning the energy to hunt and gather after inhaling a bunch of that intoxicating smoke... 😆

Even our Founding Fathers were fond of this ‘plant of the gods!’ George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all farmed hemp. While there is no evidence of the founding fathers blazing up, that doesn’t mean we can’t conjure images of Jefferson coughing on home-grown clouds.

Marijuana Madness

It wasn’t until the ‘30s that weed started getting a bad rap.  Propaganda started pushing the dangers of pot and the image of the “smoke of hell” with its “arms around your children!”  If you smoked the “devil’s harvest” you would descend into madness. 

Devil's Harvest

Whether it was because of true fear of a drug or a ploy to destroy the success of the hemp industry, the criminal classification of cannabis made all forms of the plant, including growing industrial hemp, illegal.  In the fear over the nefarious effects of marijuana, they threw out the baby with the bong water.  The handy hemp plant, with its multitude of practical uses, was tossed out like a spent roach.

The All-Purpose Plant

Yeah, we’ve got a lot of love for this plant, but its justified. Hemp grows abundantly without a lot of water and can do almost everything a tree or cotton plant can do, without deforesting or pumping our planet full of pesticides. One acre of hemp produces as much fiber as 2 to 3 acres of cotton or as much paper material as 2 to 4 acres of trees! This mighty and renewable plant can be used to produce anything from paper to fabric to beauty products to biodegradable plastic or biofuel, and, of course, the beloved CBD oils, pills, and gummies which have flooded the market recently.

Hype for Hemp - Why We're Passionate about this All-Purpose Plant

Here at the Hippie Shop, we have a wide range of products featuring our favorite herb!

Roll on a hemp-based perfume oil, strap on a hemp fanny pack, throw on a hemp hat, or lounge around in some hemp pants, either way you’ll be declaring yourself an environmental defender with the help of the mighty hemp plant!




- Shop the Story -

SHOP NOWBring the scents of nature from around the globe with you and enjoy the benefits of both essential oil and hemp oil with this blended roll on perfume. These exotic, all-natural imported fragrances range from romantic to spiritual, from floral to bohemian. Smell good and feel good knowing this product was not tested on animals.

All Natural Hemp Blend Essential Oil
HippieShop, $5.95
SHOP NOWFanny packs are back in style?... Wait, are you saying they went out of style!? Either way, this belted bag will be your perfect companion this festival season! Featuring an adjustable Rasta colored belt, two front zippered compartments, and a secret zippered stash pocket in the back, this handcrafted tie dyed hemp fanny pack may look small, but it is just big enough to keep all the essentials safe. Throw it on, fill it up, and jam out to the music!

Tie Dye Hemp Fanny Pack
HippieShop, $19.95
SHOP NOWDebauchery, degradation, and sin! Hang this poster to spread the truth about this ‘smoke of hell’ that has its arms around your children… Beware!

Devil's Harvest Poster
HippieShop, $7.99
SHOP NOWEmancipate yourself from mundane style with our Soul Rebel Hemp Cargo Pants! Get comfy and look cool in these handcrafted relaxed fit cargo pants featuring an adjustable drawstring waist. And, with two pockets at each hip, two buttoned back pockets, and two buttoned cargo pockets on each side, there is plenty of spots to store your stuff or shield your stash! Click the link to see both colors available!

Soul Rebel Hemp Cargo Pants
HippieShop, $39.95
SHOP NOWSpread good vibes and celebrate your inner reggae spirit with this 100% natural hemp woven hat. Handcrafted in Nepal, this hat features a rasta colored trim and braided band with a peace sign button. If you have an affinity for the Rastafarian mindset and a love of the mighty renewable hemp plant, then this hat is perfect for you!

Rasta Vibrations Hemp Peace Hat
HippieShop, $19.95
SHOP NOWCalling all hemp lovers: Have we got the backpack for you! This large backpack features three cargo pockets, a drawstring closure for the main compartment and a wooden toggle closure for the top flap. It comes fully lined with cotton fabric and with its adjustable shoulder straps you can customize it to fit just right. And best of all, its made of all natural hemp!

Nomad Hemp Backpack
HippieShop, $34.99
SHOP NOWNow this is what WE call “high” fashion! Handcrafted in Nepal out of one of our favorite natural resources, these relaxed fit, straight-leg style woven pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist, elastic along back, spacious pockets at each hip, and one back pocket. They’re so neutral they’ll go with anything and so comfy you won’t want to take them off. Throw them on with a tie dye or a Henley and take your style to new heights! Click the link to see both colors available!

Himalayan High Woven Hemp Pants
HippieShop, $39.95
SHOP NOWMade from our favorite natural resource, this simple little pouch features two zippered pockets. Handcrafted high in the mountains of Nepal, it’s perfect for keeping your stuff safe no matter where you’re headed. Click the link to see all the colors available!

Mountain High Hemp Coin Purse
HippieShop, $6.99
SHOP NOWIf you ever wondered during smoky contemplation where your favorite herb comes from, ponder no more! These magical little creatures have been ‘serving the planet since the dawn of time!’ Throw on this shirt and show your appreciation for the leafy green stuff.

Gnome Grown Herb T Shirt
HippieShop, $16.95 - $18.95
SHOP NOWWe would rather see green than red any day. This patch is perfect for personalizing your favorite jean jacket or hemp backpack. Put a smile on your face and show your appreciation for your favorite herb!

Weed Indeed Smiley Face
HippieShop, $4.99
SHOP NOWNow this is what WE call “high” fashion! Handcrafted in Nepal out of one of our favorite natural resources, this olive crop top features a high low design and a tie front closure. Throw it on with a patchwork skirt or some groovy bell bottoms and take your style to new heights! Click the link to see both colors available!

Himalayan High Hemp Cropped Top
HippieShop, $19.95


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