How to Use Turquoise to Energize Your Life

How to Use Turquoise to Energize Your Life

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Turquoise stones have existed for centuries, and can be found in various discrete locations around the world including those of Australia, Egypt, Poland, and the USA. 

It is said that when you wear turquoise, it brings along protection and happiness, as well as good health. The stone is known for its calming effects, encouraging one’s core to grow in strength and intuition. Since turquoise is a purification stone, it repels negative energy and invites a free-spirited soul, stabilizing all that may keep the wearer off balance. The turquoise stone is a reminder of the elements water and air, which combined represent the interconnectivity of the flow of life and mental intuition. 

Health Benefits

- Turquoise can help heal those with asthma, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and migraines.

 - The stone actually stimulates the immune system to help fight off illnesses and aids in the absorption of nutrients.

 - Many feel a difference when wearing turquoise, as it helps to sooth and clear up sore throats and sinuses.

 - Turquoise assists in purifying the wearer’s lungs and heals blurry eyes, including the effects of cataracts.

 - The stone can even help regenerate tissue, detoxify organs, and alleviate painful cramps.

 - Turquoise has been noticed as a way to neutralize over acidic compositions, as well as alleviate stomach problems.

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Wearing Turquoise

It is best to wear turquoise when you feel low in energy and lack interest in the day. It can be a protector when you feel like you do not fit in with your surroundings or when concerned that you may be at risk for your health either mentally or physically. The stone will help to build confidence and strength within one’s self. Wear turquoise to remember the place that you feel most at ease; the place that helps you fight off anything the world throws at you. 

Remember to always believe in yourself and trust in the incredible healing properties of the cherished stone, turquoise.




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