Elephants the symbol of wisdom and peaceful power!

Gentle Giants: The Symbolism of Elephants

- The Gentle Giants -

The mighty elephant is one of the largest and most powerful creatures on the planet. These gentle giants have appeared in various cultures, religions, and mythologies since the beginning of time and they continue to mystify and inspire us with their nature. 

History of Elephant Symbolism

Elephants have intrigued humans for thousands of years. Rock carvings of elephants have been found in caves of North Africa which date as far back as 12,000 BCE. They have been the subjects of legends and treasured by cultures and religions around the world. In Hinduism, the deity Ganesh is a powerful elephant who represents wisdom. A famous Buddhist legend states that the Buddha’s mother had a dream of a pure white elephant giving her a lotus when pregnant. Today, elephants continue to be recognized as sacred animals and are even considered a national treasure in India.

Peaceful Power

Strong yet gentle, the mighty elephant is extremely powerful, yet chooses to lead a calm and harmonious existence. Though they possess the strength to be destructive, they prefer to show great loyalty, care, unity, and patience in the wild. There is much to be learned when we observe these gentle giants. 

Because of their tranquil and strong nature, many cultures have revered elephants as symbols of wisdom and peaceful power. Through wearing these gentle souls, we hope to emulate the wise, calm confidence they exhibit. In addition to helping empower the wearer, elephants have also been said to bring good luck to the free spirit who wears or displays them!


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