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Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses

Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses

Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses

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Material: Plastic

Item Number: 8015


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Product Description
It doesn't get more far out than these glasses! Just put these babies on, and instantly feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole as you peer out into a world of dizzying fractured illusions. Our Kaleidoscope glasses feature a faceted lens which cause the wearer to see multiple views at the same time. A fun item for festivals, parties and watching fireworks. WARNING DISCLAIMER: This is a novelty product and not meant to be used as functional eyewear. They are in no way protective, corrective or tested as such. Use at you own risk and keep your own safety and the safety of those around you in mind while wearing. These will absolutely distort and impair your vision. Never wear while operating any form of transportation, only wear while stationary and in a safe location.

Measurements: Lens Diameter: 2" , Ear to Ear Width: 5.25"


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