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Mandara Candle Gift Set

Mandara Candle Gift Set

Mandara Candle Gift Set

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Material: Food Grade Wax, Essential Oils & Cotton Wicks

Origin: Made in the USA

Item Number: 13039


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Product Description
Mandara is the Hindi word for mystic flower, which is the perfect word to describe the inspiration for this collection. These plants are celebrated for their sensory qualities as well as the magical properties that many believe they possess. Let the energy of these exotic oils combined with our beautifully crafted candles create a magical moment whenever the spirit moves you. Our Mandara set contains one Patchouli, one Nag Champa, one Ylang Ylang, and one Dragons Blood candle.

Measurements: Set of Four Candles, Height: 1.75", Width: 1.75"

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